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Expose 'Em Sports Outreach Program


The Expose 'Em Sports Outreach Program is dedicated to helping high school student-athletes understand the college recruiting process. By partnering with high schools, we offer this program free of charge to any student-athlete between 9th and 12th grade. In addition to helping students understand the college recruiting process, our goal is to give them the opportunity to learn life skills. Whether it's learning how to change a tire or teaching them how to start their own business, we want to offer participants something that will help them develop and prepare them for the future. We must be honest and show these student-athletes that sports don't last forever and it's important to have a backup plan. Our goal is to go beyond the game.




A dream for several kids across the nation is to play the sport they love at the collegiate level.  Before they can do that, it's essential to know the steps it takes to get there. While talent is a major aspect of playing sports at the college level, athletes also have to get cleared through the NCAA Eligibility Center along with other steps.

Life Skills

With a goal to help prepare students for real life, we want to teach life skills. This can range from a variety of topics including, finances, time management, credit, and much more.



From professional athletes to CEO's and everything in-between, we plan on introducing these student-athletes to people who have been in their shoes and have been where they are trying to go. 


Our vision is to bring the community together through sports. Every year we plan on doing several community events that are open to the public. From community service to community cookouts and everything in between, the objective of this is to promote positivity and uplift the community. 

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